Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week Two

So my steristrips fell off yay!! How nerdy is that, I feel like my training wheels are off. My port area is a little more tender than it has been, it that normal?

Soft food has never tasted so good, I'm having a hard time eating small amounts :( I'm not sure if that's typical but I would appreciate any advice in overcoming this.

We had health screenings today at work and as it turns out, drumroll please........I'm obese!!! The nutritionist seemed to be very disapproving of weight loss surgery, I'm wondering if I'm going to have to deal with people's opinions all the time?


  1. Are you saying you are having a hard time getting small amounts down or that you are having trouble limiting yourself to small quantities? If it is the latter, see if you are drinking enough water throughout the day (bt not right before and after meals, of course) and get enough protein.

  2. Yes, the port area was tender for me for a while!

    I am with Nora is it limiting yourself or eating in general you are having a hard time with!

    Remember you are still swollen but that also as you heal your hunger will come back! This is a tough time for a lot of us bandsters because you have limited restriction so it is more about limiting yourself then using the tool. Bandster Hell they call it. Now is the time to learn to measure, portion, make good protein choices and smaller bites~! Ohh and chew!

    As far as the nutrionist is concerned. You did the surgery for you and for her so who cares. None of us go into surgery without thinking long and hard so in a word...and a not so nice one at that. Screw em!

  3. Port will be tender for a little bit. If you're having trouble eating even small amounts, it's probably just because your stomach is still somewhat swollen. If you're having a hard time limiting the food to small amounts, it means the swelling as subsided. Both are normal (gotta love, eh?).

    The nutritionist. Ugh. No offense to anyone who is one but, overall, they suck. Just ignore her.

  4. Yeah doesnt matter what other people think... just about what you think.

    I wish I was having problems with food... I want to eat everything in site... its going to be rough for me until I get my first fill.

  5. Unfortunately, it sounds like you're in bandster hell as far as your eating... that's when your stomach starts healing and hunger (or head hunger, whichever the case may be!) comes back. It's very unfortunate... but once you get your first fill it shouldn't be too bad.

    Also, your NUT sounds like a drag. Mine is a bandster, so I got lucky in that she's not judgmental at all. I wish everyone had the same great experience with surgeons and their staff as I have.

    OH, and it'll probably be tender for a while. Just because that's where they put everything in at, I believe.

  6. Yay...you blogged again!!! Try not to eat everything in site...LOL! I can't believe that nutritionist. Who cares what they think. At least you're doing something about your health and not just letting it get worse!

  7. Yeah,don't worry about what anyone else thinks! As long you feel good about your decision,that's all that matters,:)

  8. I nominated you for an award... Check out my blog!

  9. I had my surgery at True Results in Phoenix. I've been super pleased with them since my surgery (7/1/11). Glad to hear you had a good experience with TR as well.

    You've got a lot of great supporters following you! Blogging is an awesome place to ask questions and get suggestions! Welcome aboard!!

  10. (yಠ,ಠ)y Y u no update your blog???